Dave and I have a new gig starting tomorrow night at Mudai Lounge on 801 NE Broadway here in Portland. It's a great space - a cozy lounge, upstairs from an Ethiopian restaurant. There's yummy food, a full bar, a pool table, and a Simpsons pinball machine.

Oh, and a giant photo of JFK and Haile Selassie on the wall.

Our first night is this Wednesday - tomorrow! - at 9pm and we would LOVE a good turn out so come if you can and spread the word!


More Hot Pies!!

Posted on 2009.11.19 at 15:54
Dave's Moroccan Lambstravaganza pie -- the one the took home the blue ribbon in the savory category at the Portland Pie-off -- is back!

Starting tonight, it's a guest pie down at Whiffies Fried Pies on 12th & Hawthorne. Don't miss out -- it's mighty tasty!

(And please... if you like it or your friends like it, pass along the word that Dave is available for holiday catering gigs!)

ALSO: Beeeg cool thing: the FOOD NETWORK is filming at Whiffies on Saturday. More details soon, but wowie - Dave's pie might make a cameo appearance on national TV!



Posted on 2009.11.02 at 09:54
Yay, Halloween! Past years have been a bit of a let down, but this one was a keeper. We had a great crowd at the Penguin, and sang to the wee hours.

As for our costumes....

On Halloween, they don't just die.

Your Karaoke Host

I took a TON of pictures at the Penguin, and put them into a gallery on our Vox Populi Facebook page. You can check them out here:


(Since it's a Fan Page, it's viewable to everyone.... but hey, why not fan us?)


BIG HONKIN Halloween Reminder!

Posted on 2009.10.30 at 15:26

Dave and I are KJing Halloween night at the Penguin!

We have our costumes figured out but they are TOP SEKRIT.

I will however give you BIG HONKIN hints.

Dave's costume is very much appropriate for Halloween AND appropriate for a KJ. It involves green.

My costume involves red. Other times of the year, I stay dead.

Halloween Karaoke at the Penguin
9pm - 2am
SE 17th & Tacoma in Sellwood


Craft Fair (Sauces!) Tomorrow

Posted on 2009.10.16 at 08:07
I'm at Sellwood's Hip Happening Craft Fair tomorrow, selling our Dr. Saucenstein's Sauces and other crafty (or tasty) items. Check it out!


Pie (yes, more pie!)

Posted on 2009.10.01 at 18:30
I wrote a guest post for the Portland Pie-Off blog. Check it out!


Dave's Damned Tasty Moroccan Lamb Pie...

Posted on 2009.10.01 at 17:13
...the pie that won Best Savory Pie at the Portland Pie-Off...is currently a "signature pie" at Whiffies Fried Pies food cart on SE 12th and Hawthorne!

The Whiffies folks will probably run out of Dave's filling tonight (they've been selling well!) so this is your last chance to go grab a bite!

Whiffies opens at 8pm and closes at 3am, but Dave's pies may not last that long!

Read this first:

Hyatt Hotels Lay off Benefitted Housekeeping


Promo, parts one and two

Posted on 2009.09.16 at 17:57
We're starting a sauce business. We now have a twitter feed for our sauce business. Eventually, we will be tweeting about tasty sauces here at DrSaucenstein. I promise it won't be too spammy and inedible.

We've created a Facebook page for our karaoke nights at the Penguin. You can find us (and "fan us") here at Vox Populi Karaoke.

I would be a bad rabbit if I did not express my gratitude to mkhobson for the promo & logo assistance in these matters.


Upgrade your WordPress installs, STAT!

Posted on 2009.09.05 at 11:06
If you run a self-hosted (not Wordpress.com) WordPress site and you are not using the current version - 2.8.4 - your site is at risk for attack!

Some random internet douchebag has written a malicious script that searches out older versions of WP and exploits their vulnerabilities, hacking in, creating fake users, mucking with permalinks, etc. The only way to avoid getting hit is to upgrade.

More at Lorelle's (Old WordPress Versions Under Attack), including information on what to do if you've already been hacked.

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